The Swedish Consumers' Association was founded in 1994. It is a federation of
21 member organisations in Sweden. We are active members of the
European consumer organisation BEUC, Consumers International and ANEC – the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation.

The Swedish Consumers' Association strives to:

  • Protect the interests of the Swedish consumers in regards to both publicly
    and privately produced goods and services.
  • Increase all consumers opportunities to use their consumer power.
  • Ensure that goods and services are available and accessible to everyone.
  • Advocate sustainability in line with the triple-bottom line: environmental,
    economical and social responsibility.
  • Advocate consumer rights together with the member organizations both nationally,
    internationally and in the EU.
  • Stimulate and support individuals to use their consumer power both
    individually and as groups.

All our work shall, when relevant, be based on the following often horizontal
priorities: ethical consumption, availability, product safety, integrity, equality
and non-discrimination with regards to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation,
physical or mental disability, age, sex or gender orientation.

Swedish Consumers’ Association has presently five top priorities: Food,
Financial Services, Textile and Digital Services. Sustainable consumption is a
crosscutting priority.

Contact Details:

Sveriges Konsumenter
Kabyssgatan 4D
120 30 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 674 43 00 

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