The Swedish Consumers' Association is the national umbrella of consumer organisations in Sweden. We are representing the Swedish consumer interests on national, regional and international level. We own the consumer test magazine "Råd & Rön". 

Swedish Consumers' Association was founded in 1994. It is a federation of today 21 member organisations in Sweden. We are active members of the European Consumer organisation BEUC (where our President Örjan Brinkman is also President), Consumers International and ANEC – the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation. We also provide consumer information to procured municipalities. 

The Swedish Consumers' Association strive to:

  • Protect the interests of the Swedish consumers in regards to both publicly and privately produced goods and services
  • Increase all consumers opportunities to use their consumer power
  • Ensure that goods and services are available and accessible to everyone
  • Advocate sustainability in line with the triple-bottom line: environmental, economical and social responsibility
  • Advocate consumer rights together with the member organizations both nationally, internationally and in the EU
  • Stimulate and support individuals to use their consumer power both individually and as groups

All our work shall, when relevant, be based on the following often horizontal priorities: ethical consumption, availability, product safety, integrity, equality and non-discrimination with regards to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, sex or gender orientation.

Swedish Consumers’ Association has presently five top priorities – Food, Financial Services, Textile and Digital Services. Sustainable consumption is a crosscutting priority.

Contact details:
Sveriges Konsumenter
Box 38001
100 64 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 674 43 00 

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