Statement from the Nordic consumer organisations regarding the Commissions New Deal for Consumers.  

The European Commission has just published its proposal for a new deal for consumers. The Commission proposes to improve existing consumer protection. The measures proposed are, for example, giving consumer organizations the right to seek compensation on behalf of large numbers of customers, and to increase the financial penalties for companies that break EU consumer law – national authorities should be able to impose fines of up to 4 per cent of company’s turnover for widespread infringements and extending some consumer rights to contracts where consumers provide data instead of paying with money.

The Nordic Consumer organisations strongly support the measures presented. Each organization will give more specific views after investigating the proposals in more detail.

Sveriges Konsumenter
The Swedish Consumers' Association

Norwegian Consumer Council
Kulluttajallitto Konsument - Konsumentförbundet
Consumers' Union of Finland  

Forbrugerrådet Taenk
Danish Consumer Council 

Consumer Association of Iceland